Caption: High Vibes Usherers 2010


This year, High Vibes promises to consolidate its reputation for bringing exciting and innovative live music from around the world to craving audiences in Ghana. In collaboration with Accra's leading venues, the third edition will focus on contemporary musical styles and genres with deep historical roots. Courtney Pine, UK's number one Jazz star leads a stellar cast of legendary performers heading to Accra. There is Black Santiagos, the High Life and Salsa big Band from Benin, Carleen Anderson, the British Soul and Jazz diva, and Ray Allen, Ghanaian saxophonist and vocalist.

The programme also includes some exciting new discoveries; Omawumi, from Nigeria, West African Idol finalist, now riding high in the Nigerian charts, BANLIUEZ'ART, the sensational Hip Hop duo from Guinea and Tigbala from Ivory Coast. We are also proud to present for the first time in Ghana, The High Life Super Band, featuring Pat Thomas, Ambulley, George Darko, Jewel Ackah and other living legends. The special concert, hosted by Citizen Kofi will celebrate the works of Mac Tontoh by inviting legendary High Life musicians to perform in one band!

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